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Help me find the perfect Lot.

Meet Lauren and Christopher.  They were looking for the perfect spot to build their dream home, and chose two lots, on their own, in a Trussville subdivision.  After purchasing the lots, they selected A.J. Homes as their builder.  

Once on-site, it was apparent the Doroughs were going to spend a lot of money on retaining walls and extra landscaping costs.  The lots had a steep slope, from the left to the right.  Money that could be spent by either increasing the square footage, or adding amenities was going to be spent in getting these lots in shape for a proper building pad.

The story has a happy ending, the Doroughs were able swap their lots for two others in the subdivision, but not after months of worrying and frustration.  

Involve A.J. Homes early on:

A.J. Homes will be glad to assist in your site selection process.  We can help save time and money in selecting a lot that will minimize sitework costs so you can invest where it matters most to you.  With our 3D software, you will understand how site layout affects the look of your home.  You will be able to see the exterior of your home, before we begin building and make adjustments early on.

Call A.J. Homes and experience "Building through Communication".


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