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3D Design Assistant:

​3D renderings help with paint color decisions and prevent rework.

Video Walk-through 

Coming Soon

Advantage: Home Owner.

A.J. Homes strives to make the home building experience as fun and exciting as possible.  This begins with clear vision, communication and understanding as a customer-builder team.

3D plans help our home owners:
  • Interpret what 2D plans represent.
  • Visualize details in each room, including trim, furniture layout, Kitchen cabinets, etc.
  • Reduce the risk of costly rework, by allowing our home owners to see design options.
  • Select paint and wood stain colors.
  • Get a sense of space within each room.

Call A.J. Homes today to see examples of our 3D virtual tours through a home, and other 3D renderings.
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